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The Most Exotic Cannabis Strains Out There

The Most Exotic Cannabis Strains Out There

Humans have been using weed for millennia. And in that time, we’ve discovered hundreds of cannabis strains from all over the world. Presently, there are over 700 known cannabis strains. So, no matter how many cannabis strains you’ve smoked to date, you’ve barely scratched the surface.

While you might be familiar with the more common household names like OG Kush, the epitome of cannabis use for any enthusiast out there is to try out an exotic strain. But unlike your common weed strains, exotic strains are a bit harder to get your hands on.

If you’re ready to embark on a journey of discovery, read on as we delve into a list of some of the best exotic cannabis strains Mother Earth has to offer. But before we get to that, let’s look at what makes up an exotic strain.

What Makes a Strain Exotic?

There are some pretty rare cannabis strains out there. But that doesn’t make them exotic. For a strain to be deemed exotic, it must have at least one of the following traits.

Rare Genetics

If you can find a strain in literally any dispensary or online shop, then it’s not exotic. Exotic strains have rare genetics and are usually sourced from hard-to-reach locations. 

Most “exotic” hybrids in the market today are sourced from untainted genetics from places like Malawi, Afghanistan, Laos, or Thailand. 

Unique Aromas

Don’t get this wrong; each cannabis strain has a pretty unique aroma. But most mainstream strains have the same terpenes that cannabis connoisseurs can usually distinguish by smell alone.

If you’re keen enough, you’ll pick an exotic scent that sends your taste buds into a frenzy. 

Crazy Appearance

The term “crazy appearance” is not an overstatement. Some exotic cannabis strains look so crazy that you might not even believe they are cannabis plants at first glance. Take the featured Frisian Duck, for example. It has magnificent leaves that don’t even resemble those of a cannabis plant.

Crazy Appearance

Unique Effects

The effects of mainstream indica and sativa strains are well documented. Exotic strains, on the other hand, give you entirely different effects. Some even have psychedelic potential.

Most Exotic Cannabis Strains in the World

Bubba Kush

Most Kush strains have a strong tranquilizing effect, and Bubba Kush is no different. This pure indica strain packs a pretty huge punch with its 27 percent THC content. So, if you aren’t sure you can handle it, don’t mess with it!

A draw of this strain delivers a strong high that will leave you in a strong state of relaxation. You’ll also feel pretty sleepy, making it perfect for anyone with insomnia or stress. Therefore, if you’re planning on having a lazy weekend, this might just be the perfect strain for you.

Bubba Kush has a wonderful chocolatey flavor and a spicy but sweet aroma that is pretty comforting. Its buds are typically bulky and come in a deep green and purple color.

Malawi Gold

This is probably one of the hardest to come by exotic strains. As its name suggests, Malawi Gold is native to Central Africa in the Salima region of Malawi. This pure sativa strain features big, golden buds, hence the name Malawi Gold.

If you like your weed strong, then you’re definitely going to love this one. Malawi Gold has high THC levels, reaching a staggering 16 percent. This typically results in a strong cerebral high that works pretty well for anyone with mood disorders. Unfortunately, the strain has very low levels of CBD, so if you suffer from anxiety, you might want to exercise caution. This is because high THC levels coupled with low CBD levels are a perfect recipe for mild anxiety.

The strain’s flavors can be described as earthy, flowery, and woody, with a tasty citrus overtone that makes every draw tasty and fresh.

California Dream

Despite its seemingly native name, this strain is as exotic as it gets. California Dream is an indica-dominant hybrid that is a cross between Afghani and Mexican-originated strains. Its genetics are 70 percent indica and 30 percent sativa.

California Dream packs an incredible punch with 24 percent THC that gives you energizing effects. A typical smoke sesh with this strain will leave you pleasantly relaxed and bursting with creative energy.

Pinkman Goo

Pinkman Goo

Pinkman Goo is one of the most exotic cannabis strains out there. It also has a pretty cool discovery story, making it probably the most unusual and fascinating strain on our list.

The Pinkman Goo was discovered by a woman who found some seeds behind a refrigerator in her family home and planted them. The strain’s uniqueness doesn’t just end at a mysterious discovery; it also has a pretty unique color with pink and purple hues.

That said, perhaps the most exciting thing about the strain is the pink “goo” that made it so famous in the first place. It produces a pink goo-like resin that has been discovered to contain a higher THC content than the buds themselves. The Pinkman Goo has an earthy taste and offers a restful, peaceful high.

Frisian Duck

The Frisian Duck is a master of disguise. This 50-50 hybrid between sativa and indica plants is bred deliberately to hide the fact that it is a cannabis plant. One look at it, and you wouldn’t be able to tell it’s a cannabis plant due to its deformed leaves.

The THC levels on the Frisian Duck lie between 14 percent and 17 percent, while its CBD concentration is about five percent. For all lovers of spicy strains, the Frisian Duck might just be your new favorite. It offers a peppery taste with a pine-like aroma.

Smoking this marvelous strain will give you an instant hit of clear-headedness and tranquility without a hint of sleepiness. You can expect to feel relaxed and energized after trying it out. 


As the name suggests, the staggering potency of this strain will leave you feeling down for the count. With a THC level of over 25 percent, Trainwreck is not for the mild-mannered consumer. So, if you want to try it out, be ready for an adventure.

Despite being an exotic strain, the strain has made a name for itself in medical marijuana circles, and its popularity continues to grow as more people learn about its mind-blowing effects.

Banana Kush

This exotic hybrid strain can trace its roots to the West Coast. It is characterized by its light green buds that have an attractive shape and texture. It gets its name from its warm, ripe green banana peel taste.

Banana Kush is pretty mellow with an earthy taste and hints of spice. Its calming effects make it an excellent option for anyone dealing with stress. Besides its calming effects, it also brings a tranquil feeling with a faint sensation of euphoria.



If you are into funky-looking buds, then you’d better try this one out. Caramelo is a 70 percent sativa-dominant hybrid created by mixing four strains to produce purple buds. It is a mixture of Super Skunk, Afghani, Big Skunk Korean, and Hawaiian. The result is an eye-catching strain with fluorescent purple flowers that contain an outstanding 24 percent THC. 

The sativa genetics in this exotic strain provides an unbelievable rush of energy and euphoria that will leave you with mind-stimulating relaxation. A draw of this superb strain will leave a sweet walnut flavor that melts nicely into your mouth.

Six Shooter Auto

This exotic cannabis strain is a cross between Mexican Airlines Auto and Crystal Meth Auto. The Six Shooter Auto was bred with two things in mind: yield and potency.

Six Shooter Auto has a THC concentration of between 21 to 23 percent. The strain can produce indoor yields of between 500g/m2 to 650g/m2, and about 70g/m2 to 350g/m2 per plant outdoors. 

As it’s sativa-dominant, this exotic strain unleashes energetic and uplifting effects with a citrus aroma and hints of pine and pepper.

Strawberry Amnesia

Strawberry Amnesia is known for two things: high yields and delicious berry flavors. The plant reaches an outstanding three meters in height when grown outdoors and can produce up to 1.25kg per plant. When grown indoors, you can expect it to max out at around 700 grams per m2. Impressive, right?

This 75 percent indica-dominant hybrid is a cross between Amnesia and Strawberry Cough. Due to its Indica origins, this exotic strain delivers a huge jolt of energy with euphoric effects.

Hawaiian Snow

Introducing the winner of the High Times Cannabis Cup 2003. Her utterly unique aroma, coupled with her rarity, has won her multiple awards and guaranteed her place in this list of some of the best exotic cannabis strains in the world. 

This 80 percent sativa-dominant strain packs quite a punch with a 23 percent THC concentration. Using it will leave you feeling euphoric and uplifted. This makes it an ideal party weed. And its mild intoxicating capabilities make it suitable for beginners and experienced stoners alike.

A draw of the Hawaiian Snow will give you a unique savory aroma coupled with a taste of caramelized and roasted onions.

Chocolate Haze

Chocolate Haze is a blend of two exotic cannabis strains: Canalope Haze and OG Chocolate Thai. Cantaloupe Haze shares a genetic connection to Mexican Landraces, while OG Chocolate Thai can trace its roots from the legendary landrace from Thailand. Both varieties are known for their incredible taste. When combined, the Chocolate Haze’s traits are more amplified.

Chocolate Haze produces a terpene profile with unique flavors of earthiness, chocolate, and fruit. If you like fooling around in the kitchen with edibles, this strain could really up your treats game. You can also try making some grade-A hash for an extra kick.

Honey Cream

Honey Cream

This exotic cannabis strain has a pretty impressive family tree. It’s a cross between BlueBlack, White Rhino, and Maple Leaf Indica. The convergence of these superb strains and their ancestral genetics create a strain full of exotic sweetness.

And although the name sounds like some sort of marketing ploy, it really does taste like candy. A draw of this strain will give you a taste of candy with hints of earthiness.

Flavor aside, Honey Cream serves as a fantastic daytime strain. Its moderate THC levels of 16 percent boost your energy and creativity without getting you too stoned. In terms of yield, this exotic strain produces yields of up to 550g.m2 when grown indoors and 676g/m2 outdoors. And not just that, it takes about 7-8 weeks to flower, which is pretty impressive considering its yield.

North Thunderfuck 

North Thunderfuck can trace its roots from the Matanuska Thunderfuck, a hybrid from Alaska’s highlands. That said, its origins past that point remain shrouded. 

This strain is characterized by a complex terpene profile, large buds, and an air of mystery surrounding its origin that seems to add to its exotic vibe. If you are a cultivator, you’ll be impressed by its immense yield. Its buds reach a substantial size with light purple and dark green colors, coupled with a thick, frosty trichome coating.

Smoking this strain typically gives you wave after wave of euphoria followed by a taste of citrus, pine, and hints of skunk.

Green Crack

This is one of the most popular exotic strains out there. The power-packed sativa blend has a tangy taste and a citrus aroma, which is pretty rare for sativa blends.

The Green Crack has mind-clearing effects that will leave you bursting with energy. This makes it a perfect strain for social events, creative works, and basically anything else that needs to be done.

The Bottom Line

There are tons of exotic cannabis strains out there. However, not all of them will likely work out for you. If you think that you’re a cannabis connoisseur, you can try them out and see which one perfectly pairs with your personality. While you’re at it, remember that the perfect strain is merely a personal choice and will ultimately depend on your mood, wants, and personality.

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