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How to Choose the Best Rolling Papers for Smoking Weed

How to Choose the Best Rolling Papers for Smoking Weed

There’s a debate about the ideal method for tokers to smoke weed. Some people are fascinated by their bongs and pipes. Others consider vape pens the best innovation in the cannabis space. But for some folks, nothing compares to the time-honored ritual of rolling a joint or blunt and igniting it. 

Despite the new variety of ways to consume cannabis, rolling a joint is still largely popular. First of all, it is less expensive than purchasing pre-rolled joints. You only need a weed grinder, rolling paper, and a lighter, and you’re good to go. Of course, rolling a joint requires practice, but anyone can learn with time. Moreover, many tokers enjoy the old habit of grinding up their flower and rolling a nice joint. 

As any marijuana connoisseur will tell you, rolling the ideal joint is dependent on the type of rolling papers used. They influence your entire smoking session, from the size and flavor of your joint to its burn rate. So, when shopping for the best rolling papers for smoking weed, here are some important considerations to keep in mind in order to have a pleasurable smoking experience.


Rolling papers come in a variety of sizes. So, what size should you pick? It depends on the amount of bud you want to grind inside the joint. It’s not ideal to roll a joint and leave a large part of the paper unused. If that happens, you’ll have to smoke additional paper before you reach your bud, and it might affect flavor and burn rate. Here are different rolling paper sizes that you can choose from:

  • Single wide rolling papers: These have a small width and are ideal for rolling up a packed-in, small joint. They measure approximately 36 x 69mm, and thus cannot accommodate a lot of herbs.
  • 1 ¼ rolling papers: These measure approximately 77 x 44mm. They are the standard size for most rolling papers.
  • 1 ½ rolling papers: These provide you more room (79 x 61mm) to add extra flower than the standard 1 ¼ papers.
  • King size rolling papers: These measure 100 x 55mm and are ideal for rolling a longer joint. They are a bit thicker, allowing for a quicker burn rate compared to thinner papers.
  • King size slim papers: These measure 110 x 44mm. That means they come with a king-sized length but a slimmer girth. 
  • XXL papers: These are the biggest-sized rolling papers you can find out there. They are less popular, though.



Thickness is another factor to contend with when it comes to choosing rolling papers. Here are some of the different rolling paper thicknesses:

  • Extra thin (extra fine size)
  • Lightweight (fine size)
  • Medium weight
  • Thick size (free burning)

The rule of thumb is that thinner rolling paper burns more slowly. Extra thin paper is more likely to go out quickly, so you’ll need to keep lighting it up. In contrast, lightweight and medium-weight papers are quick to burn.

Also called free burning, thick rolling papers will keep burning unless extinguished, and they are the easiest to roll with.


Here are the various shapes to try out in your next rolling paper purchase:

  • Cut corners: Rolling papers with precut corners eliminate the common difficulty of locating the gum on the paper. The cut corners allow you to easily tuck while rolling the joint.
  • Pouches: Newbies will enjoy papers with pouches. Just place a bit of bud inside the pouch without the fear of it falling out. Then roll up your herb.
  • Pre-rolled cones: If you haven’t mastered the art of rolling a joint, you can practice by using pre-rolled cones. These ingenious little skins allow you to pack your herb in a fitting, joint-shaped cone.
  • Paper rolls: They allow you to customize your joint however you see fit. You can either roll a small joint or a large one that’s almost a foot long.


Your choice of rolling paper material will depend on your individual preference. Here are the options that you can choose from:


Paper is made from wood pulp. Some are available as bleached, while others are unbleached or natural. Extra thin size papers can be rather hard to roll. Novices should opt for thicker papers.


You’ve probably heard of flaxseed. Well, flax can also be used to make rolling papers. Potheads love them because they don’t pass on the flavor to the bud inside. They are also smooth and silky and not difficult to roll with.


These rolling papers are made using compressed rice. They are fairly common and easily available. But newbies will have a hard time rolling with them because they’re usually low-fiction and offer less grip.

After you’ve rolled a perfect joint, the rice paper will not add any taste to your bud, so you can enjoy a smooth, lovely smoke. But they have a quick burn rate, which means your weed will burn even when you’re not puffing it.

Hemp Papers


If you’re conscious about the environment, you should consider trying hemp rolling papers. Not only is hemp eco-friendly, but it is also a close cousin to marijuana

Because of the excellent grip, hemp papers are an ideal choice for novices compared to the silky smooth rice papers. They have a slower burn rate, affording you more time to enjoy your herb without it frittering away. 

Hemp papers, however, add some taste to the bud. While you may enjoy the hemp taste as part of your smoking experience, others might be irritated by it.


Flavored rolling papers are also prevalent in the cannabis marketplace. They add to the flavor of your rolled joint. The flavors vary, ranging from root beer to bubble gum and everything in between.

These can be used to change things up if you want something different from the natural flavor of weed. Some flavored papers contain chemical additives that may affect the smoking session, however. If you want to try out the flavored options, make sure your choice of flavor complements your weed’s flavor profile or terpenes.

The Bottom Line

Rolling papers can either make or break your weed smoking experience. When shopping for the best rolling papers for smoking weed, you should consider aspects like material, size, flavor, thickness, and shape before investing your hard-earned money. With these tips in mind, you can be sure of finding the best paper to kickstart your joint-rolling. 

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