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Cannabis Delivery: How to Get Cannabis Delivered to Your Door

How to Get Cannabis Delivered to Your Door

In a world where anything and everything can be delivered to your door with just a click of a button, marijuana and cannabis products are definitely not the outlier. Modern technology has made it so that food, drinks, clothes, and now weed can be ordered online and shipped within days without a second thought. 

This has been an incredible contrast to the days of yesteryear where a dispensary or the guy down the street were the only options for marijuana purchase, and bringing it to you? Forget about it! Some folks today still make trips across the state to get their favorite marijuana and cannabis products. Needless to say, folks used to the old way of doing things have been blown away by the availability of marijuana and the change of tide in legislation, with no end to the trend in sight. Growth in options, market and availability have made for some really cool breakthroughs for friendly competition and have led to some of the best options for buying the common smoker has seen to date. 

As it stands right now, cannabis delivery works a lot like any other online ordering service. An order is placed from a specific retailer, payment is made upfront and then the product is delivered or shipped to your door. Generally, for products like marijuana, the faster the delivery the better it is. 

We’ve created a general guide to review the process of ordering cannabis for delivery, how to do it, where to go, and what to expect.  Just like with any other online shopping experience, be sure that if you’re ordering online, your information is protected and encrypted since prepayment is regularly required. No one wants to lose money! 


Recreational cannabis and cannabis product delivery is not available in all states and US territories. Though the legislation surrounding marijuana, both recreational and medicinal, has changed dramatically in the last decade, state distribution is still a system very much in the throes of reform. The market for recreational marijuana is controversial to say the least, and not a lot of time has been spent trying to come up with more convenient ways to distribute recreational marijuana in states where cannabis has just been legalized. Delivery systems currently only exist in six states, with the possibility of more on the way. 

California, Oregon, Nevada, Massachusetts, Maine, and Michigan have all legalized recreational marijuana delivery-based distribution systems. Not all of them have active delivery options yet, but they sure are working towards them. As the year progresses, more and more states are projected to join the legalization bandwagon and the delivery option spike. 

States with medicinal marijuana delivery however are pre-established and have been made better with the arrival of COVID-19. The need for contactless delivery of medicinal marijuana has done nothing but increase in the last year, and may show promise for other delivery options later down the line. Currently, the states that have medicinal marijuana delivery options are Arizona, California, Florida, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Nevada, New Mexico, New Jersey, North Dakota, and Oregon. This is also projected to increase as more states legalize and decriminalize marijuana use. 

Where to Order 

Where to Order 

Depending on where you live in the United States, the delivery of marijuana products might not yet be legal. That’s common since only a handful of states have legalized the sale, production, and distribution of marijuana. Assuming you’re here under the most straight-edge pretenses (we don’t judge), you live in one of the legal regions. Your options are going to be based on the local market, and higher-density population areas are more likely to have delivery services than others. 

To weed out (yes, yes, a bud pun) the bad apples and get legitimately quality marijuana, the best thing to do is locate a service like PurplePenthouse or Leafly. These services act as an information database to locate and determine the closest service to you. They don’t guarantee that services are available in your area, but it doesn’t hurt to check.

To further explain, PurplePenthouse is an online retailer that does deliveries in DC and NY so far, but is looking to expand! 

Leafly gives options based on your current location, the product you’re looking for, the deals that are currently up, and a multitude of other factors. Users of Leafly can punch in a strain or a product and be met with a handful of sellers who have that product and can easily compare prices. 

Once found, contact can be made with the seller to set up the order and get your stuff! 

Local dispensaries can also be a great resource for ordering online or by phone. Remember, all legal sellers are state-regulated and will ask to see an ID for age verification and to ensure you’re eligible for purchase. If ordering for medicinal purposes, a weed allowance card might be used to identify you and your cannabis needs, so be sure you have that when ordering. In general, online retailers and dispensaries alike will need to ensure you are who you say you are before an order can be completed, so it’s best to get that out of the way first. 

Retailers can be found seemingly everywhere, from dispensaries to distribution companies. Do your research and preplan before you make any payments.

What to Expect 

Sellers found online generally have a ton of orders and sometimes a bit in the way of competition. Because of this, pricing might be higher or lower depending on the availability in your local area. Supply and demand mean that if your area doesn’t have a lot of options, the individual prices might be higher. Be sure to shop around as much as possible to get the best quality product for the lowest price. 

You can expect to have a thorough check of identification prior to purchase, and prior to pick up or drop off. Your state ID is going to be one of the best tools for this, so be sure yours isn’t expired and you have it with you. 

Be on the lookout for sketchy feeling sellers that might ask for personal information that doesn’t pertain to the sale, folks who ask for payment much higher than market value, and another scam like behaviors. Certainly, not all distributors are out for just your cash, but some pretenders can weasel into a profitable market and spoil the party for everyone. 

Practice smart online shopping behavior and actively take a role in your online security and safety.

Outside of all of that, another common component of marijuana delivery is the basis through which the delivery is completed. Assuming that it’s legal and supported in your area, some retailers might offer On-demand services similar to food delivery. You can call or order online for delivery on the same day. 

Subscription delivery is performed like any other online subscription, where you are charged periodically and the delivery is completed after payment clears. Scheduled delivery exists along the same vein, but isn’t reoccurring normally. 

Membership clubs are also similar here, where subscribers can order individual products and services or subscription services. No matter the route that speaks to you, the options for marijuana delivery is completely tailored to your needs and to your experience. 

How to Order

How to Order

It’s important to know the specifics of the retailer you’re purchasing from if they have named products and varied strains. You don’t want to just call any old dispensary and ask for “1 weed please!”. Over time, you might decide on a favorite strain, blend, or shelf level and can make orders based on what you know about the product and the sellers, but for first-time buyers, doing a little bit of digging can help get the product you’re actually looking for. 

Just like most online shopping experiences, you want to research the vendor prior to sale, compare prices and settle on one. Once selected, the order has to be officially placed. Generally, orders can be placed via phone or online depending on your chosen vendor’s service options. Some may have a website set up for online purchases, and others prefer a more hands-on approach. 

Regardless of how the order is placed, confirmation is key. Most of the time, prepayment is required for delivery options. Your ID might be needed for age verification and to ensure they drop it off to the right person, so be ready to provide that if needed. 

Upon delivery, the person might ask to confirm your identity via your ID or confirmation number. These items are important and you may not receive your product without them. Once confirmed, the product you purchased should be released to you for happy consumption. 

As it stands right now, delivery is very much a streamlined process and it stands to get better. Cannabis and cannabis-based products can be found online from multiple retailers, but the legitimacy can be called into question. If you have any questions about the delivery process, the products you’re getting, the effects you intend it to have, or any other process questions, be sure to ask your retailer prior to purchase. 


If you believe for any reason your delivery was unsatisfactory or sketchy at all, be sure to report it to the seller and in online forums. We know it’s not fun to point the finger, especially with sometimes such a taboo topic, but feedback is honestly super helpful for growth. With the market for legal marijuana distribution by means of delivery being as new as it is, we have nowhere to go but up. 

Be honest with your sellers about their user interface, delivery method, expectations of service, customer service, and any other aspect of the sale you can think of. If it’s positive, that’s an experience they can use to keep getting better and promote to other clients. If it’s negative, try to be as patient and understanding as possible, but stay honest. They can’t fix what they don’t know is wrong. 

Distribution is a tough game, no matter the market. With COVID-19 still a problem even with the recent vaccines, delivery is here to stay and is likely going to become one of the most common methods of buying. You want to be at the forefront of the positive changes that marijuana can bring to our society, and we can all work together to dispel some of the nastier stereotypes of marijuana and its uses. 

After Ordering Cannabis


Delivery of cannabis and marijuana products is quickly becoming a breakthrough market in states and territories open to distribution. Cannabis regulated by the state has offered an incredible economic stimulation that was previously untapped. Legal marijuana offers a way for frequent users to get safe, effective flowers without the unnecessary social pressures and risks involved. 

With delivery becoming more and more of daily use for most Americans, cannabis delivery is right around the corner, and a decade from now we might look back on the humble beginnings of marijuana dispensaries and delivery options and lament about the strides we’ve made. 

For now, when ordering online, do your research first. Know who you’re buying from, what you’re buying, what it’ll look like, and what the effect should be. Knowing specific product details can help first-time buyers and long-term smokers to make the right choices of bud for them, which of course leads to a much better smoking experience.

With so many strains, products, and delivery options out there, be specific as possible. Unless you’re looking for a surprising blend, (and be specific about that too, let them know you’re looking to experiment!) being ad honed in as you possibly can be can remove any margins of error and frustration that can go along with online shopping. We’ve all seen those expectations versus reality memes, don’t let that be your weed! 

As always, be vigilant and safe with your online purchases, take care of yourself and others, and happy smoking! 

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